Monday, February 6, 2017

ISM Students Advance to State in DECA

On January 14th, 2017, 80+ students from Liberty High School competed at the DECA District Conference in Haltom, Texas. DECA is an organization that prepares students for careers in business and entrepreneurship. Students compete in a variety of events encompassing marketing, finance, business administration, hospitality, and travel and tourism. Competitive events include multiple choice tests, roleplays, in which students are given a scenario to solve and present in front of a judge. Students may also write a paper or business plan and present it. Through DECA, students learn business jargon and economics, while developing their communication skills and displaying leadership.
In previous years, Liberty has had approximately 45 competitors advance to State. However, this year, the chapter had a record-breaking 70+ competitors move on to the next level of competition. The State Career Development Conference will be in San Antonio from February 23-25. Students who win first in their event will then compete at the International Level in Anaheim, California in April.

ISM Students who qualified for State Competition include:
  • Khusbu Shah
  • Yashwant Harkara
  • Amy Zhang
  • Benjamin Hasan
  • Shivkar Amara
  • Shriya Reddy
  • Amy Abraham
  • Ellie Chen
  • Megha Ganapuram
  • Karthik Dharmalingam
  • Rithika Proddutoor
  • Raj Raikundalia
  • Mia Rho
  • Prateek Sangineni
  • Lamia Zuberi
  • Shree Balaji
ISM wishes these students and the others competing good luck.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Student Snapshot : Rithika Proddutoor // Passion to Product

Liberty ISM Senior Rithika Proddutoor is no stranger to running. She has been a Varsity Cross Country runner at Liberty throughout high school and was Captain her junior and senior year. In the fall, she led a group of strong girls to 3rd place at the UIL State Meet in Round Rock, Texas. Additionally, she is a member of Oiselle Volée, a diverse community of women who seek to empower others. Oiselle, an athletic sportswear company, represents feminism and sisterhood, which Rithika is passionate about. As part of this group, Rithika seeks to continue her passion for running, while inspiring others to conquer their own boundaries and realize they are capable of more than they think.

Rithika is a member of the Wildway Crew, which “highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. Wildway is a breakfast and snack foods producer that believes in inspiring others to live a healthier, fuller life. As a member of the Crew, Rithika shares her story, describing how her passion of running transformed her from a shy, quiet girl to a strong, confident woman and challenged her to push her physical and mental boundaries. The full article can be found on Wildway’s blog
Combining her background in running and her research in endocrinology in ISM, Rithika is working to create a guide for high school and college endurance athletes, which focuses on maximizing performance through self-care and awareness. The guide will be science-based, but involve Rithika’s personal experiences as well. Rithika hopes the guide will help others be their best self and live wild, while being healthier and happier.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Busy Mental Health Day at Collin County Courthouse - Student Snapshot: Shrinidhi Joshi

Wednesday, January 4th was a busy day at the Collin County Courthouse due to backlog from the holidays. As a result, there were numerous mental health cases on the docket. Recently, ISM student Shrinidhi Joshi started her mentorship with Ms. Alyse Ferguson, the Attorney Director of Collin County's Mental Health Managed Counsel Program and was given the opportunity to observe two of the many mental health cases. The Mental Health Managed Counsel Program is a “county advocacy program that helps keep those with mental illness out of the criminal justice system and into proper treatment and care” facilities (

At the courthouse, Shrinidhi observed two court hearings in the 219th District Court and 380th District Court respectively. She learned a significant amount about the legal system in correspondence with mental health because each case was distinctly unique. Trial law, indigent defense, psychiatric evaluations and court proceedings are a few of the topics she gained exposure to.

Shrinidhi hopes to continue learning about the interesting field of Indigent Defense and hopes to continue having intriguing opportunities throughout the year.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Signing Day for Loren Matrone

As a freshman, Loren Matrone was the alternate at the 5A State Golf Tournament. As she watched her teammates tee off on the first hole, her heart sunk in despair and disappointment in herself. She walked thirty-six holes that weekend and didn't hit a single golf shot. That was the moment she realized that she was going to change. For three hundred and sixty five days, she had spent more hours on the golf course than she probably slept. She dedicated her whole being to becoming the golfer she knew she could be. The late nights on the putting green, and early morning tee times paid off. Loren had made it to the State Tournament, but this time she was on the starting lineup - not on the bench. Not only did she learn a lot about her golf game at the two State tournaments she has played, she learned more about herself.

Her will to work hard transcended into her school work and to her friendships. As her golf game got better, so did her academics, despite the extended hours spent practicing. The drive she has to be the best at everything she does is synonymous in her ISM journey.

Last week Loren signed to play college golf at Oklahoma City University. Throughout three years on the varsity golf team, she has gained many experiences and worked hard to achieve her goal of playing college golfLoren is the first golfer to be in ISM and she works long hours to improve her golf game, and still excel in her research. While it is tough to make time for golf practice every day and write research assessments, Loren puts all of her effort into both activities. Time management is a skill that every high-schooler has to learn at some point, but this year's busy schedule has required Loren to perfect this task. Loren has been studying Cosmetic Dentistry this year, and has displayed a true passion for the field through her assessments and speeches. Her authenticity shows through, and her love for dentistry and all it offers is evident in everything she does. Loren loves to smile, and it is fitting that she is pursuing a career that provides others with the confidence to smile.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A LOOK INSIDE AGENCY LIFE - Student Snapshot: Victoria Meng

ISM Student, Victoria Meng, is thrilled to begin her mentorship with Mallorie Rodak, a brand planner at The Richards Group in Dallas.

As the largest independently owned advertising agency in the country, The Richards Group offers “a full range of advertising, marketing and interactive solutions”. Notable clients of the agency include Fiat Automobiles, Chick-Fil-A, and The Home Depot. (

Through her mentorship, Victoria hopes to gain greater insight into the day-to-day activities of brand planners and get a behind the scenes look at how ad campaigns are developed and executed. She also hopes to incorporate her interest in consumer psychology into further studies regarding the nature of branding, while gaining insight into topics that she will pursue through a marketing and communications major at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School next fall.

She is highly excited to begin studying in such an innovative setting and will share her experiences through her ISM and career blog at

Sunday, January 17, 2016


On Saturday January 16th, 5o students from Liberty High School competed at District Competition for DECA, an Association of Marketing Students.

Competitive events ranged from presentations based on case studies of companies to role plays in which students tried to solve problems in a business setting. These events teach students both business knowledge and professional skills through encouraging leadership and public speaking. Liberty’s chapter continued their success from past years and had over 40 competitors qualify for State Competition, which will be held from February 25 - 27 in San Antonio.

ISM Students qualifying for State Competition include:
  • Sunjoli Aggarwal (Marketing Communications Team Decision Making)
  • Aneesh Bindingnavile (Business Services Operations Research)
  • Eileen Bau (Hospitality Services Team Decision Making)
  • Aditi Chakradeo (Sports and Entertainment Operations Research)
  • Victoria Meng (Marketing Communications Team Decision Making)
  • Ramya Parthipan (Sports and Entertainment Operations Research)
  • Sabrina Peng (Food Marketing Individual Series)