Monday, May 27, 2013

Class of 2013 - Top 10

ISM was well represented in this year's Liberty class of 2013 Top 10.  Congratulations!

*Xin Chen
Noah Eldridge
*Sebastian Garza
*Jeremy Kao
Odelia Kim
*Tiffany Kuan
Rachel Montgomery
Christine Park
*Bharath Sevugan, valedictorian
Harrison Tran, salutatorian
* = ISM student

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Published Novel - ISM Student Launches Book Sales

During his journey through ISM, Eric Dulin was able to write, edit and publish a novel called "Redemption" under the mentorship of Travis McNair.

"Arigus Vanes thought that unveiling his past would enlighten him. Spark some sense of guiding purpose in his life. Who he is. Why he is running. Instead he is thrown into a war between a Segmentum, led by Kaitus and Vongromas, and the twisted abominations of the Black Blood Virus. Arigus has no idea where, much less who his friends are in the pandemonium as he searches for them across the refugee camps. Between all of the horrors he encounters in his journey across Kingston, the greatest of all is himself. Still coming to grasps with the revelations of his life, he realizes that Itarus had changed him somehow, granting him a vast array of abilities he can barely comprehend. Powers that make him a god among men. Powers that make him not question who he is, but what."

Purchase his book on Amazon: (Purchase >>)