Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Neurosurgery Under the Mentorship of Dr. Kim Rickert

Interested in the field of medicine, Liberty High School senior Anishka Kappalayil has chosen the subspecialty of neurosurgery as her topic of study this year in ISM. She has been gaining exposure to the hospital environment and learning about surgical conditions and techniques under the mentorship of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Kim Rickert. After spending time with her mentor, Anishka has truly come to enjoy and appreciate the medical field as she has acquired a broader perspective of the healthcare field through her mentor visits. For her final product, Anishka and her mentor are planning on writing a medical article regarding grade four blunt cerebrovascular injuries. Upon completion, they hope to publish this article in either “The Journal of Neurosurgery” or “Neurosurgery”.