Friday, February 7, 2014

Alumni Highlight: ISM Student Masters ACT

2012-2013 ISM student Tiffany Kuan was one of the first students in Frisco ISD to receive a perfect score on the ACT. Quite modest, she did not report her score to teachers, and has only recently been recognized for her accomplishment. She has now gone on to study at the University of Texas at Austin's Honors College, choosing excellence in her studies even beyond high school and the ISM program. This amazing performance exemplifies the trend seen in all ISM students. They are both passionate about their topics and ambitious in their pursuit of the future - for themselves and also the world. Despite the tremendous challenges posed by the ISM curriculum, they find ways to stay involved, competitive, and successful, especially in the academic realm. While Ms. Kuan will be forever missed as a talented alumni of this program, congratulations to her for an outstanding record. Current and future ISM students will surely walk in her footsteps to achieve their goals and outmatch the competition as well.