Friday, February 7, 2014

ISM Students Make State at BPA Competition

Both Austin Endo and Matthew Hudson, current ISM students, qualified for state in the BPA Competition they participated in on January 18, 2014. BPA Stands for Business Professionals of America and is a program that allows students to challenge and improve their professional and business expertise in different topics. Austin and Matthew qualified in the team event, in which the goal was to design a network in a real business situation, to present the implementation of the network in order to then sell this network to the judges, who evaluate networks for effective use of technology and other specifics. Through this portion of the competition, these students were able to meet and speak with a network sales engineer from CenturyLink, who helped them with their design. Austin Endo also qualified in Systems Administration using Cisco, a written test in which different questions are posed about network administration, different topologies, and network design, while Matthew also qualified in Java Programming. He was given a problem and a short amount of time to code a solution. The challenge was to decode a Caesar Cypher, a form of encryption, using a key and outputting to a file. Congratulations to these amazing students for their success in the competition and their computer programming skills.