Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ISM Students Make State In DECA

Congratulations to the ISM students who also made state this year in DECA: Sabah Janmohammad, Sindhu Senthilkumar, Gina Lu, Katrina Liou, Andy Chen, and Anishka Kappalaiyal. DECA refers to the Distributed Education Clubs Association, a marketing association that allows students to expand and compete with their knowledge of the business-professional world. The competition includes a challenge in which students are given a business situation, and they must work under pressure and time constraints to come up with original and innovative ideas to promote success for the business despite the given circumstances. Upon learning of her success at competition, Sabah explained, “both DECA and ISM have exposed me to the professional world in a way that has allowed me to grow. It’s been a great opportunity to learn more and to successfully compete…I was more than excited to learn that I made state. It was a true accomplishment to experience this success knowing that ‘I actually did it’.” Katrina, who has competed in DECA for two years, stated, “I find the competition helpful because it allows us to practice and perfect interview skills. The challenge is in the pressure we are under to improvise and to utilize the information we have already gathered in order to solve a problem.”