Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Looking Back: Student Creates Quadcopter

Moez Janmohammad from the 2011-2012 ISM class at Liberty had an incredible experience throughout his ISM journey.

He partnered with Centennial High School ISM student, Roger Tang to build a quadcopter from scratch.  The only prefabricated parts were the circuit boards, wiring, and motors, we 3D printed the rotor blades, custom made the frame out of milled aluminum, and laser cut the body out of Polycarbonate. 

At this link Roger and Moez were published in Robot Magazine, the May/June 2012 issue, for their work in helping Para.llax test their Board of Education shield for Arduino. They used these basic robots as a platform to learn the ins and outs of coding on Arduino, and also to develop their ISM original work. Moez developed a new algorithm for line following which uses 7 inline sensors instead of 2 like a regular robot, which allows for more accurate line tracking and variable corrections on error. Moez says he still remembers the day he got it running in class, he started running the code on the Arduino and the whole thing started moving. He started jumping and screaming and generally being quite insane because it was the first time he had designed, built, and coded something entirely by himself.

Moez thinks that any student that has an opportunity to be part of the ISM program is very blessed.

Moez Janmohammad
Southern Methodist University, Class of 2016
Department of Mechanical Engineering