Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ISM Student Commits to Play Volleyball at University of Massachusetts at Boston

On Thursday September 25th, 2014 senior Tia Nayar verbally committed to play volleyball at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Tia has been playing volleyball for six years and plans to sign her letter of intent mid November. Tia looks forward to starting her new adventure in Boston where she plans to study kinesiology to prepare herself for chiropractic college in the near future.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2014 - 2015 ISM STUDENTS

Name Field of Study
Aaron Jabir Trauma Surgery
Aarushi Aggarwal Oncology
Abel Sen Artificial Intelligence
Abhay Rangray Finance
Adharsh Rajendran Biomedical Engineering
Alisa Buchanan Biotech Patent Law
Allie Granberry Accquisition Editing/Copy Editing
Allie Measel Dermatology
Andrea Romero Tattoo/Studio Art
Aneesh Bindingnavile Finance
Arushii Nadar Neuroscience
Avinash Baskaran Chemical Engineering
Bailey Medlin Social Work
Brett Lewis Biomedical Engineering
Casey Kim Finance
Chandranshu Rao Computer Engineering
David Woodward Music composition/production
Eileen Bau Marketing/Advertising
Frank Wang Optometry
Gowtham Katta Cardiology
Grace Jeong Pediatric Surgery
Griffen Fry Trauma Surgery
Harshith Dasara Pharmacology
Huixi Yu Cardiothoracic Surgery
Hyder Shad Electrical/Mechanical Engineering
Irum Ali Marketing
Janice Han Pediatric Surgery
Jocelyn Oats Water and Waste Water Restoration/Conservation
Jordan Alnemer Physical Therapy
Joshua Haley Horticulture
Kate Galllagher Forensic Psychology
Keely Maddux Public Relations
Kimberly Endo Chiropractor
Larry Yin Research & Development Biochemistry
Matthew Ewing Video Production
Matthew Tremmel Music Arrangement/Composition
Michael Lee Law
Moukthika Obulareddy Management Information Systems
Natalie Ramirez Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Nicholas Murira Finance
Parker Turner Sports Journalism
Ruth Philip International Relations
Samantha Heldman Secondary Education, Biological Sciences
Sarah Judd Veterinary Medicine
Sarah Samuel Pediatric Neurosurgery
Shannon Mathews Neonatalogy
Sharan Mohan Cardiology
Siddhant Ankolekar Optometry
Sindhu Senthilkumar Obstetrics and Gynecology
Sneha Kannan Orthopedic Surgery
Tia Nayar Chiropractic
Tiffanie Thai Law
Tracy Lu Industrial Design
Trent Sandland Music Production
Udgam Goyal Computer Science
Yue Chu Psychology