Friday, December 19, 2014

Research Showcase 2014

Frisco Independent School District hosted the annual Independent Study and Mentorship Research Showcase on December 16th at Heritage High School.  This incredible event is an opportunity for ISM students from across the district to showcase their research, experiences and journey thus far in the program.  Although, students are very "green" at this point in the year, they always do a superb job of impressing professionals, families, district representatives and community leaders.

Our Liberty High School ISM students again shined bright.  They were very polished, professional and did a fantastic job of communicating with attendees about their field of study and journey.

Below, you can see a few pictures that were provided by current ISM students.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Abel Sen Wins 1st Place at Rockwall AcDec Invitational

Abel Sen, who is studying Artificial Intelligence in ISM this year as a junior, competed at the Rockwall AcDec Invitational Tournament.  Teams traveled from all around Texas and even other states to compete in this highly esteemed tournament.  Abel Sen was awarded first place in the individual overall honors bracket.

Student Spotlight: Aarushi Aggarwal - Oncology

Passionate, motivated, ambitious, quirky: words I consider an apt representation of myself. As I finish up my last year of high school, I hope to incorporate these traits of mine into both my academic life and extracurricular activities. My interests outside of school include Mixed Martial Arts, dancing, writing, and community service. Anything that I put my mind to, I follow through 100%, which is why I am determined to make this year very productive and enjoyable. I created this Blog as a way to track my progress and discoveries so that both I and others who are interested can learn something from my experiences. This will be updated regularly, so come back frequently and join me as I relive the journey!