Friday, May 29, 2015

Student Snapshot: Jocelyn Oats - Water Conservation

Jocelyn Oats is a senior at Liberty High School. She is studying Water Conservation under the mentorship of Mr. Clyde Hogue, the District Conservationist of the U.S Dept. of Agriculture’s Natural Resource and Conservation Service. With her mentors guidance she has been able to successfully participate in many water conservation efforts, as well as other environmental sustainability issues. One of the most impactful experiences Jocelyn had was when she was able to observe and record the inner workings of a head administrators’’ meeting. Though it wasn’t the most hands-on experience it isn’t to be taken for granted, seeing that it provided her with the insight, and knowledge to comprehend the reality of the environmental problems North Texas faces. Alongside this Jocelyn has received many other opportunities such as contributing to the semi-annual Rain Barrel Sale with the Plano Sustainability Center, and volunteer with the Water Wise workshops of the Frisco Public Works Facility. Jocelyn is currently at the cusp of her invention, which she used as a final product. It is the creation of a bio-degradable and compostable water bottle. Though many of the initial attempts at creating it have failed, she is still avidly pursuing its formation. One day she hopes to patent her idea, and continues to strive for a more water conscious future.

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