Monday, May 25, 2015

Student Snapshot: Jordan Alnemer - Sports Physical Therapy

Jordan Alnemer, a senior at Liberty High School, took a look into the field of Sports Physical Therapy this past year in Independent Study and Mentorship. Jordan studied under the mentorship of Dr. Michelle Pietrowski of EDGE Physical Therapy where she observed manual therapies, worked alongside patients through their exercise programs, and learned more about anatomy and the different techniques applied in physical therapy. She focused her original work and final product onto sports injuries that affect many Americans daily. With her mentor and information contributed by many physical therapists around the country, she designed an exercise program focusing on the most prominent overuse injuries athletes face in 2015. Jordan plans to attend Texas Tech University this fall to major in Exercises and Sports Science where she hopes to become a personal trainer, and begin working on improving her clients health quickly. Jordan has enjoyed her ISM experience and has great memories of working with athletes, stroke patients, and people affected by chronic injuries. Observing nearly 90 hours during her mentorship, she leaves ISM feeling incredibly passionate towards a career in physical therapy and ready to begin her educational journey.