Sunday, May 31, 2015

Student Spotlight: Chandrandshu Rao - Computer Engineering

Chandranshu Rao is a senior ISM student at Liberty High School. As a part of the Independent Study and Mentorship program, he studied Computer Engineering under the mentorship of Dr. David Junkin, the Technical Talent Development Manager at Texas Instruments. Under his mentorship, he has been able to experience the responsibilities and skills needed by a successful computer engineer. He has been able to visit the Texas Instruments Dallas headquarters and see the innovations computer engineers at TI are making everyday to improve technolog. Under his mentor’s guidance, Chandranshu was able to complete his Original Work over networks and create an embedded machine, allowing a coffee machine to tweet, as his Final Product. Through his mentorship experience, Chandranshu has been able to get hands-on experience in the Computer Engineering field and learn about its various subfields.