Saturday, June 6, 2015

Orchestra/ISM Seniors

ISM had multiple students participate in the Liberty Orchestra this year.  In this picture, you can see that the orchestra seniors know how to pose for a picture!  Check out the Youtube link to watch and hear our crew during their last show.  They were amazing!

Yue Chu
Sharan Mohan
Yuixi Yu
Shannon Matthews
Grace Jeong
Casey Kim

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Student Spotlight: Casey Kim - Finance

Casey Kim, a senior at Liberty High School, has been studying finance this past year in the Independent Study and Mentorship Program. He has had the opportunity to study under the mentorship of Mr. Robert Hrnicek, a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Casey learned about different financial models and the various aspects of what being a financial advisor entails. Furthermore, he explored different investment options such as mutual funds, stocks, and ETF’s and now realizes the importance of catering to a client’s financial needs. For his final product, Casey conducted a study using data from four different index funds from the 1980’s and intermediate signals from Lowry Research, a technical investment advisory, to see if a simple strategy could time the markets. He is tremendously grateful for the various experiences only made possibly through his mentor and the ISM program. Casey plans to attend Washington University in St. Louis this fall to major in business with a concentration in finance.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Student Spotlight: Siddhant Ankolekar

From Siddhant Ankokar:

This year through ISM I had the opportunity of working at Legacy Vision under the mentorship of Dr. Ken Kirkland. Coming into the mentorship, I thought my visits would simply consist of shadowing the doctor and looking at their selection of frames. However I was pleasantly surprised that there was much more to my experiences than I had previously assumed. Some of my most memorable experiences consisted of making glasses upon order, looking inside all the patient's eyes, and trying on contacts for the first time. Making glasses was extremely cool, because I would observe patients order lenses through their new prescriptions and frames, and within an hour we would have them ready. Looking inside of people's eyes was interesting because this took the use of an Optomap, which was an alternate to dilating eyes. By looking at the back of their eyes, I was able to observe how the back of their eyes look. The last experience allowed me to experience a whole new world for the first time in my life. All my life I have been wearing glasses, so when I was able to try on contacts for the first time, it was extremely interesting. It allowed me to play sports and wear sunglasses without having to worry about my glasses. Overall my time at Legacy Vision provided me with great memories. I could not be grateful to the whole Legacy Vision team because I will never forget my time with them through this program.

Student Spotlight: Yue Chu

Student Spotlight: Grace Jeong - Pediatric Surgery

Grace Jeong is a senior who's studying Pediatric Surgery under the mentorship of Dr. Hannah Piper. Dr. Hannah Piper is an attending pediatric surgeon at Children's Medical Center of Dallas. Grace had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Piper to various surgeries and clinics. One of her favorite experiences was watching a surgery to repair a vascular ring and esophageal atresia on a newborn baby. The fact that she was able to witness the surgeons help the newborn become healthy was incredible to her. Grace also learned about conditions that she never knew existed and was amazed by the current medical technology and the body's elasticity that enables the body to heal. The experiences and the knowledge she got to obtain were immensely valuable, and she can't thank Dr. Piper enough. 

Grace will be heading to University of Texas at Austin to study Biochemistry. She hopes to continue to strive for her dream of becoming a surgeon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Student Spotlight: Harshith Dasara - Pharmecology

From Harshith Dasara:

It has been a pleasure to study pharmacology under the mentorship of Mr. Devendra Patchala, the Pharmacist-In-Charge at American Specialty Pharmacy. I cannot thank him enough for employing me at his pharmacy as a technician trainee, giving me exposure to the atmosphere of a specialty pharmacy, an experience that the typical high school student does not get. He took time out of his busy schedule to accommodate my curious and ambitious self. I was encouraged to go to the compounding lab and directly witness various high profile medications being made and sent all across the nation to patients in need. At the pharmacy, I have gotten in touch with various pharmacists, doctors, and high administrators whom I look up to as role models. All of this was thanks to my amazing mentor, who I am gratefully thankful for.

Student Spotlight: Huixi Yu - Cardiothoracic Surgery

Huixi Yu, a senior at Liberty High School, has been studying cardiothoracic surgery for the past year in the Independent Study and Mentorship program. She has had a great experience studying under the mentorship of Dr. David O. Moore, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Baylor Regional Medical Center of Plano’s Heart Hospital. Throughout the year, Huixi learned about the different types of diseases and surgeries cardiothoracic surgeons see and perform. She sat in on patient clinics, read X-rays, and observed a coronary artery bypass graft surgery. For her Original Work, Huixi wrote a paper on identifying the demographics of people at risk for aortic dissection. For Final Product, Huixi created a brochure raising awareness for aortic dissection and created an informational website so that the public can understand the field of cardiothoracic surgery better. She is extremely grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime and is very appreciative of everything Dr. Moore has done for her. Huixi plans on attending Washington University in St. Louis this coming fall, majoring in health care management while on a pre-med track. 

Student Spotlight: Michael Lee - Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Michael Lee, a senior at Liberty High School, has been studying pediatric emergency medicine for the past year under the mentorship of Dr. Rustin Morse and Jaimie Ostrom RN. At Children’s Medical Center at Plano, Michael observed and analyzed the clinical and structural components of the pediatric emergency department. Not only did he experience the responsibilities of physicians in the ED but also the nurses who are involved in every aspect of patient care. With the help of his two mentors, Michael has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of the ED such as the various roles, organizational and staffing structure, plan of patient care, growing problems, and how quality of care can be improved for the patients. In addition, over the course of his mentorship, Michael developed a profound interest in healthcare administration and in the end his final product was a comprehensive report that detailed all of his research and experiences. This year’s ISM was a remarkable and life-changing moment for Michael in that he has found his true passion and hopes to work in the medical field one day. He wants to become a physician who will make positive impacts on the patients he sees. Michael is thankful for his mentors who have made his senior year of high school one of the most memorable times of his life.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Student Spotlight: Larry Yin - Biochemistry

Larry Yin is junior who was able to study Biochemistry and mentor under Dr. Kelli Palmer at the University of Texas at Dallas. Over the course of 2014-15 school year. He learned about HIV/AIDS, antisense treatment, and various other subjects. With Dr. Palmer, he learned about plasmids, E. faecalis bacteria, and how to analyze genomic databases like GenBank, which is the largest database of its kind in the world and has over 170 million unique genomic sequences. Using these new skills, Larry was able to take different strains of E. faecalis and figure out which strains had which plasmids.

Student Spotlight: Sneha Kannan - Orthopedic Surgery

Sneha Kannan is a senior at Liberty High School who has studied Orthopedic Surgery under the mentorship of Dr. Victoria Knoll, a hand and wrist surgeon at OrthoTexas. Through ISM, Sneha has gotten the opportunity to not only follow Dr. Knoll through her clinics, but she has also gotten the opportunity to stand in the operating room and watch several surgeries in person. For her final product, Sneha tested the effects of PRP therapy. She has learned a lot over the course of ISM and hopes to become as great a surgeon as Dr. Knoll.