Thursday, June 4, 2015

Student Spotlight: Casey Kim - Finance

Casey Kim, a senior at Liberty High School, has been studying finance this past year in the Independent Study and Mentorship Program. He has had the opportunity to study under the mentorship of Mr. Robert Hrnicek, a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Casey learned about different financial models and the various aspects of what being a financial advisor entails. Furthermore, he explored different investment options such as mutual funds, stocks, and ETF’s and now realizes the importance of catering to a client’s financial needs. For his final product, Casey conducted a study using data from four different index funds from the 1980’s and intermediate signals from Lowry Research, a technical investment advisory, to see if a simple strategy could time the markets. He is tremendously grateful for the various experiences only made possibly through his mentor and the ISM program. Casey plans to attend Washington University in St. Louis this fall to major in business with a concentration in finance.