Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Student Spotlight: Grace Jeong - Pediatric Surgery

Grace Jeong is a senior who's studying Pediatric Surgery under the mentorship of Dr. Hannah Piper. Dr. Hannah Piper is an attending pediatric surgeon at Children's Medical Center of Dallas. Grace had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Piper to various surgeries and clinics. One of her favorite experiences was watching a surgery to repair a vascular ring and esophageal atresia on a newborn baby. The fact that she was able to witness the surgeons help the newborn become healthy was incredible to her. Grace also learned about conditions that she never knew existed and was amazed by the current medical technology and the body's elasticity that enables the body to heal. The experiences and the knowledge she got to obtain were immensely valuable, and she can't thank Dr. Piper enough. 

Grace will be heading to University of Texas at Austin to study Biochemistry. She hopes to continue to strive for her dream of becoming a surgeon.