Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Student Spotlight: Michael Lee - Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Michael Lee, a senior at Liberty High School, has been studying pediatric emergency medicine for the past year under the mentorship of Dr. Rustin Morse and Jaimie Ostrom RN. At Children’s Medical Center at Plano, Michael observed and analyzed the clinical and structural components of the pediatric emergency department. Not only did he experience the responsibilities of physicians in the ED but also the nurses who are involved in every aspect of patient care. With the help of his two mentors, Michael has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of the ED such as the various roles, organizational and staffing structure, plan of patient care, growing problems, and how quality of care can be improved for the patients. In addition, over the course of his mentorship, Michael developed a profound interest in healthcare administration and in the end his final product was a comprehensive report that detailed all of his research and experiences. This year’s ISM was a remarkable and life-changing moment for Michael in that he has found his true passion and hopes to work in the medical field one day. He wants to become a physician who will make positive impacts on the patients he sees. Michael is thankful for his mentors who have made his senior year of high school one of the most memorable times of his life.