Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Student Spotlight: Siddhant Ankolekar

From Siddhant Ankokar:

This year through ISM I had the opportunity of working at Legacy Vision under the mentorship of Dr. Ken Kirkland. Coming into the mentorship, I thought my visits would simply consist of shadowing the doctor and looking at their selection of frames. However I was pleasantly surprised that there was much more to my experiences than I had previously assumed. Some of my most memorable experiences consisted of making glasses upon order, looking inside all the patient's eyes, and trying on contacts for the first time. Making glasses was extremely cool, because I would observe patients order lenses through their new prescriptions and frames, and within an hour we would have them ready. Looking inside of people's eyes was interesting because this took the use of an Optomap, which was an alternate to dilating eyes. By looking at the back of their eyes, I was able to observe how the back of their eyes look. The last experience allowed me to experience a whole new world for the first time in my life. All my life I have been wearing glasses, so when I was able to try on contacts for the first time, it was extremely interesting. It allowed me to play sports and wear sunglasses without having to worry about my glasses. Overall my time at Legacy Vision provided me with great memories. I could not be grateful to the whole Legacy Vision team because I will never forget my time with them through this program.