Thursday, January 12, 2017

Busy Mental Health Day at Collin County Courthouse - Student Snapshot: Shrinidhi Joshi

Wednesday, January 4th was a busy day at the Collin County Courthouse due to backlog from the holidays. As a result, there were numerous mental health cases on the docket. Recently, ISM student Shrinidhi Joshi started her mentorship with Ms. Alyse Ferguson, the Attorney Director of Collin County's Mental Health Managed Counsel Program and was given the opportunity to observe two of the many mental health cases. The Mental Health Managed Counsel Program is a “county advocacy program that helps keep those with mental illness out of the criminal justice system and into proper treatment and care” facilities (

At the courthouse, Shrinidhi observed two court hearings in the 219th District Court and 380th District Court respectively. She learned a significant amount about the legal system in correspondence with mental health because each case was distinctly unique. Trial law, indigent defense, psychiatric evaluations and court proceedings are a few of the topics she gained exposure to.

Shrinidhi hopes to continue learning about the interesting field of Indigent Defense and hopes to continue having intriguing opportunities throughout the year.